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Windows 10 Pro Full Retail Key 32/64 Bit 1 User (Lifetime)


⁃ Reinstallable.

⁃ Lifetime effective.

⁃ Online update support.

⁃ All languages version support.

⁃ Both 32/64 bit version support.

⁃ Licensed for home and commercial use.

⁃ Digital Delivery / 1 – 4 hours estimated delivery time.

⁃ Our 24/7 online support team will be available to you.




Windows 10 Pro Product Key Retail  Activation Key


Windows 10 Pro is the new operating system from Microsoft, which is specially developed for professional users and companies. Apart from the usual devices, such as PCs and laptops, the Windows 10 Pro operating system is also compatible with tablets. Therefore, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro offers on any compatible platform with its functions the optimal conditions that a professional user needs.

The new Windows 10 Pro operating system offers optimal system support to advanced users and businesses. The Win 10 Pro operating system shines with a modern surface as well as the recent versions of Microsoft “Pro”. MS Windows 10 Pro adapts well to any device and its properties. The system requirements in Win 10 Pro almost did not change to the previous two versions of Windows 7 and 8.1. Therefore, somewhat older computers run smoothly with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, which is highly beneficial in a change in a company.


New features of the Windows 10 Pro operating system

The Windows 10 Pro operating system offers its users the so-called “business functions” such as joining a domain, group policies, BitLocker, the business mode for Internet Explorer EMIE, Remotedesktop, assigned access 8.1, as well as a Hyper client -V. In addition, the Win Pro 10 operating system brings new professional functions and programs such as:

Cortana: Language assistant for intuitive operations

Microsoft Edge: The new Internet browser replaces the previous Internet Explorer

Facial and fingerprint digital recognition for greater security (adequate equipment must be available)

Continuum: Switch to tablet mode to better use the touch screen

Windows Holographic: Application platform for the corresponding HoloLens data glasses (augmented reality)


Regular email, calendar, music, photos and videos programs, as well as the new DirectX 12 for graphic optimization are also found in the MS Windows 10 Pro operating system. Moreover, in Microsoft Windows 10 Pro you also have the possibility to join to Active Directory Azure cloud-based directory and identity management. With the help of a single login, users get access to numerous SaaS applications in the cloud such as Dropbox, Office 365 and Concur.


Renewal of operation in the Windows 10 Pro operating system

In Win 10 Pro the start menu has been revised, as in the “Home” edition. It offers you an area of ​​tiles that can be individually decorated with different functions. Even the desktop of the Windows 10 Pro operating system has that new function, to create multiple virtual desktops for different purposes. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro also offers access to a business store (Business Store).



Security and data protection

Standard 2.0 of the FIDO alliance is also used in the MS Windows 10 Pro operating system for Internet authentication. In addition, it was “Microsoft Helo”, the biometric user authentication for the login without password also introduced. In data protection, it includes Microsoft Windows 10 Pro – Enterprise Data Protection version for cross-platform data management.



Professional Microsoft Windows 10 Pro support

Windows will act in the future only as a service, so after Windows 10 no more versions of Windows are planned. Therefore, Microsoft does not only focus on system optimization and troubleshooting. The “Windows as a service” principle also includes new features, which were not included at the time of purchase. Therefore Windows 10 is constantly being expanded and improving.



REQUIRED PROCESSOR 1 GHz processor or faster
REQUIRED HARD DISK SPACE Up to 20 GB available hard disk space
REQUIRED VIDEO CARD 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher. DirectX® 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver
REQUIRED CONNECTIVITY Internet access (fees may apply)
OTHER SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Microsoft account required for some features. Watching DVDs requires separate playback software


The Microsoft Windows 10 Professional key wholesale sold by WIndows10offer is original and certified with a lifetime warranty at a very low price. The Windows 10 Professional license is highly recommended by our customers as it meets all legal requirements for sale. Genuine software and fast delivery.



Delivery, Guarantee and Refund:

Windows 10 Professional Key Wholesale and download URL will be send via Email within 4 hours.

Please check your SPAM box in case it been filtered by your mail spam system.

Windows10offer offers a full refund guarantee if the key to the full version of Windows 10 Professional or the download does not work.



How to activate Windows 10 with product key?

1. Before you begin, make sure to download and install a correct edition of Windows 10.

2. Go to ‘Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > System‘ and click ‘Activate Windows‘ or ‘Change Product Key‘.

3. Click ‘Activation‘ and enter the Product Key you bought. Now your Windows 10 has been activated.



How to check activation status in Windows 10?

Select the Windows Start menu, then select Settings > Update & security > Activation. If Windows 10 isn’t activated on your device,

No matter what help you may need with downloading, installing or activating Windows 10, we’ve got the expertise you need. We’ll give you the support you need until your software is up and running.


34 reviews for Windows 10 Pro Full Retail Key 32/64 Bit 1 User (Lifetime)

  1. Swapnil Vasave (verified owner)

    Oh My God !! It’s Working & It’s a Retail Key.. I Can’t Believe to Get in This Price But.. It’s Genuine Key.. Thank you Very Very Much My Friend !!

  2. has8013 (verified owner)

    Good product with low cost. Full retail pack i used my pc with verified Microsoft.

  3. Parth Patil

    The price is amazing!

  4. vinodmakhijabwr (verified owner)

    This product origanal

  5. Amit (verified owner)

    Truly speaking I had my fingers crossed as I was not sure whether the transaction was going to be safe or not as it was my first time to deal with you & also about the geniuses of the offered product. Initially after receiving the key, to a great extent on the first day my fear proved to be true also when the key did not work for the first time and gave a error saying windows cannot be activate as the key might have been already used.

    On the second day to my pleasant surprise, after updating the windows software (as instructed by you in the mail) I entered the provided key & it simply worked like a breeze & within minutes the windows was activated. I am very thankful to you for providing the genuine key at an affordable price so that I can use the original licensed version.

    Guys he is a very genuine seller. Please go ahead with your purchase from him. I received the key with in 30 mins of placing the order. He is also very responsive & reply’s to questions & quires immediately.


  6. Sachin Kajal

    please give me your contact number….

  7. manish994 (verified owner)

    thanks to which provides windows 10 to their customer at very low cost and it 100% working, 100% Genuine, & all of the above they provide you product key in just 10-15 min after payment.

  8. VIPIN SONI (verified owner)


  9. RAJA NASKAR (verified owner)

    Good product,i am happy. i used my pc with verified Microsoft.thank you…

  10. Sivashanmugarajan (verified owner)

    Genuine retail key. I can’t believe thanks to windows 10

  11. Himanshu Kumar


  12. kaushikj (verified owner)

    Really amazing!!! A genuine Windows 10 key at such a low price. Thank you so much guys.

  13. kavipkan

    Best Deal to buy…. Its working!!!!!!!!

  14. Psubhadip

    Very good website.

  15. Anonymous

    The key is genuine. Been using this since one week, no problems as of now. With a much lower price we have the satisfaction of original product.

  16. Simple Suni (verified owner)

    Woww……it’s very good

  17. Abhishek Verma (verified owner)

    It’s Working & It’s a Retail Key.. I Can’t Believe to Get in This Price But.. It’s Genuine Key.. Thank you Very Much,
    Review after 4 month

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  19. userX

    The Website have a good technical support, after buying the product I faced some problem & they help me …

  20. richik_biswas (verified owner)

    Today I Purchase a Retail Key Of Windows 10 Pro And Its Work Perfectly..Many Many Thanks

  21. Nikhil

    You are selling OEM key cheaper than the retail key. What are the differences ?
    Will I get regular windows 10 updates with these keys installed ?

    • ankur7600 (verified owner)

      Yes … retail is best

  22. Arun

    It is CD/DVD or USB

    • ankur7600 (verified owner)

      Its digital product key, you will get key and downloading and setup information with video tutorials

  23. brijesh thripola (verified owner)

    Nice product working fine……

  24. silverstar.cromdriver

    it really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! worked thxalot man

  25. BK Mandal

    It’s 100% genuine the reason why these keys are so cheap is when some laptop and computer comes for recover to Microsoft they sell it to third party sellers.but these products are 101% genuine

  26. Alis (verified owner)

    All set. Thanks brother

  27. Rishabh yadav (verified owner)

    This works as authentic and it was very easy to contact to the person selling it via direct phone call. Always be sure to follow the steps shown on linked YouTube videos.. it was smooth installation … Really happy so far ..

  28. Bhupendra Singh (verified owner)

    It’s 100% genuine to buy keys from this website!
    I love it

  29. Jayanta (verified owner)

    thank you very much . now i successfully activated my windows 10 pro, this is my first online purchase windows key , i used windows xp then used windows 7 ult and next windows 8.1 pro all are pirated version . this time i download windows 10 pro from microsoft and activated it . thank you for in time digital delivery .

  30. Jaypal Sapara (verified owner)

    Amezing job. I get a windows 10 pro key in 4-5 hours and it’s work. Good job.

  31. Raghuveer Singh (verified owner)

    Very nice, Original Windows 10 lifetime license. Thank you So Much.

  32. Ayub Khan (verified owner)

    The retail key I purchased worked perfectly. It’s a genuine key. The only thing disappointed me that’s irresponsible behaviour of seller. I got the key yesterday but I couldn’t activate the key. I tried to contact seller by email, WhatsApp a lot of times but he didn’t respond me till now. Though I have managed to resolve the problem. That’s why I am giving 3 star. For windows key I am giving 5 star. Reasonable price, genuine key. Anyone can buy the key. Thanks

  33. Reetanka Jana (verified owner)

    I have recently bought Windows 10 pro retail key and i have upgraded the preinstalled windows 10 home OEM key which comes with HP laptop because I want that BitLocker Service to be enabled and i also went to Command prompt and apply the command slmgr -dli and I checked it a valid RETAIL key . Thank you so much Windows10

  34. dipak hivale (verified owner)

    really so fast delivery within 15 minutes I got 100% original windows 10 pro retail key at price of Rs.1640
    but anybody want retail windows 10 pro plz fill coupon code its help to get key at price of 1340 only. because coupon help to reduce price 250

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